George Morley/Charlie Kennedy Business Development Center Dedication

George Morley and Charlie Kennedy may have roots from different eras, being about 40 years apart in age. But when it came to spirit, work ethic, integrity and the impact each had on those around them and on the Arizona Daily Wildcat, it’s difficult not to see a duo cut from the same cloth.

With a group of more than 75 that included family and friends, Wildcat alumni and professional staff and students, these kindred spirits were honored, fittingly, together on April 10 with the official dedication of the “George B. Morley II and Charlie Kennedy Business Development Center.”

George Morley II

George B. Morley II

Morley, a former 28-year member of the U.S. Foreign Service, enjoyed a lengthy second career at the Wildcat, setting high standards with a high moral code from 1978-1993 as the Wildcat’s advertising manager. Kennedy, a Morley protégé from 1990-1992, passed away far too young but is revered to this day by his former colleagues – in addition to still being known as “George’s favorite.”

Charlie Kennedy

Charlie Kennedy

At the event, Chris Oldre paid tribute to both men. “George gave all the student salespeople the chance to grow up. He taught us ambition, commitment, responsibility and integrity. And he did it in a way that was serious, but it was inspirational, while pointing our compasses toward maturity and success.

Charlie had this ability – he could be charming, honest and persuasive. We were all completely inspired by Charlie every day – his interests, his curiosity, and his passion made him magnetic.”

Oldre, a Daily Wildcat alumnus (’92) who worked as a sales rep under George alongside Charlie, spearheaded the efforts in recent years to honor Morley and Kennedy. With the support of many others, as part of the Wildcat’s recent “Innovation in Media Campaign”, the fundraising effort has brought in more than $80,000 to date.

Overlooking the Wildcat’s sales and marketing area, a new sign honoring George and Charlie was unveiled as part of the dedication. The sign was donated by Custom Sign Factory, an Atlanta, Georgia-based company owned by the family of Dustin Potalivo, George’s grandson.

Chris & Charlie

Chris & Charlie

George, Charlie, Marion Morley

“George and Charlie began working together in the fall of 1990. Although these guys were like 40 years apart, these two shared an immediate and mutual bond. Father son, teacher student, brothers…George was Charlie’s favorite teacher; Charlie was George’s favorite student,” Oldre added.

“From the moment Charlie got the job, he was the best salesperson on staff. Charlie had this ability – he could be charming, honest and persuasive. We were all completely inspired by Charlie every day – his interests, his curiosity, and his passion made him magnetic. His support for his friends and colleagues was completely unwavering. Charlie dreamed the biggest dreams, and he believed in every one of them. … He never second-guessed his passions, and he was unafraid of his ambitions.

“George and Charlie influenced and inspired so many of us. And I’m positive that their spirit and this memorial will continue to point all kinds of others toward their own passions, impact and success.”

View more photos of the event here.

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