George Morley/Charlie Kennedy Business Development Center Dedication

George Morley and Charlie Kennedy may have roots from different eras, being about 40 years apart in age. But when it came to spirit, work ethic, integrity and the impact each had on those around them and on the Arizona Daily Wildcat, it’s difficult not to see a duo cut from the same cloth.

With a group of more than 75 that included family and friends, Wildcat alumni and professional staff and students, these kindred spirits were honored, fittingly, together on April 10 with the official dedication of the “George B. Morley II and Charlie Kennedy Business Development Center.”

George Morley II
George B. Morley II

Morley, a former 28-year member of the U.S. Foreign Service, enjoyed a lengthy second career at the Wildcat, setting high standards with a high moral code from 1978-1993 as the Wildcat’s advertising manager. Kennedy, a Morley protégé from 1990-1992, passed away far too young but is revered to this day by his former colleagues – in addition to still being known as “George’s favorite.”

Charlie Kennedy
Charlie Kennedy

At the event, Chris Oldre paid tribute to both men. “George gave all the student salespeople the chance to grow up. He taught us ambition, commitment, responsibility and integrity. And he did it in a way that was serious, but it was inspirational, while pointing our compasses toward maturity and success.

Charlie had this ability – he could be charming, honest and persuasive. We were all completely inspired by Charlie every day – his interests, his curiosity, and his passion made him magnetic.”

Oldre, a Daily Wildcat alumnus (’92) who worked as a sales rep under George alongside Charlie, spearheaded the efforts in recent years to honor Morley and Kennedy. With the support of many others, as part of the Wildcat’s recent “Innovation in Media Campaign”, the fundraising effort has brought in more than $80,000 to date.

Overlooking the Wildcat’s sales and marketing area, a new sign honoring George and Charlie was unveiled as part of the dedication. The sign was donated by Custom Sign Factory, an Atlanta, Georgia-based company owned by the family of Dustin Potalivo, George’s grandson.

Chris & Charlie
Chris & Charlie
George, Charlie, Marion Morley

“George and Charlie began working together in the fall of 1990. Although these guys were like 40 years apart, these two shared an immediate and mutual bond. Father son, teacher student, brothers…George was Charlie’s favorite teacher; Charlie was George’s favorite student,” Oldre added.

“From the moment Charlie got the job, he was the best salesperson on staff. Charlie had this ability – he could be charming, honest and persuasive. We were all completely inspired by Charlie every day – his interests, his curiosity, and his passion made him magnetic. His support for his friends and colleagues was completely unwavering. Charlie dreamed the biggest dreams, and he believed in every one of them. … He never second-guessed his passions, and he was unafraid of his ambitions.

“George and Charlie influenced and inspired so many of us. And I’m positive that their spirit and this memorial will continue to point all kinds of others toward their own passions, impact and success.”

View more photos of the event here.


George Morley/Charlie Kennedy Dedication


Dear fellow Arizona Daily Wildcat Alums (and friends of Charlie and George):

It is a heartfelt honor to write this letter on behalf of the Arizona Daily Wildcat and the many people who have invested in and been rewarded by having spent time there. I have two meaningful developments to share with you.

First: The Arizona Daily Wildcat and the University of Arizona are pleased to announce that the Wildcat’s business and marketing offices are to be renamed the George B. Morley II / Charlie Kennedy Business Development Center. This official dedication acknowledges and honors two wonderful men who influenced and inspired many Wildcat students in the past and whose spirits will continue to do so in the future.

The dedication will take place April 10, 2017 at 11:30 a.m., in the Student Media offices, 615 N. Park Avenue, on the UA campus. The ceremony will be followed by refreshments and memorable conversations, in the company of members of George’s and Charlie’s families.

If you’d like to attend, please reach out to Faith Edman at or call (520) 626-6699 to RSVP by March 29, 2017. If you are unable to come but would like to share a memory or thoughts about George and/or Charlie, please email them to the above address.

Secondly, I am proud to say that the Wildcat’s Innovation in Media campaign has raised more than $80,000 to date and is still growing. Funds are used for training and technology which benefit the Wildcat’s many students preparing to embark on professional careers. The campaign was established in 2014 to raise money and resources to empower and enable the Daily Wildcat marketing, sales and newsroom staffs to navigate the disruptive media landscape that all media organizations face.

If you are interested in contributing to the Arizona Daily Wildcat Innovation in Media Fund in honor of George Morley and Charlie Kennedy, please click on the link below: Include the honoree’s name in the comment box. Please contact Student Media director Brett Fera,, (520) 621-3408, if you have any questions.

Wishing you and yours all the best and continued success.

–Chris Oldre (Wildcat sales rep ’90-’92)

Background info:

GEORGE MORLEY’s 15 years leading the Daily Wildcat’s advertising department was his second career — one that made a significant difference in the lives of many Wildcat students.

Joining the staff in 1978, Morley brought polish and professionalism as a former 28-year member of the U.S. Foreign Service to the Wildcat, where he served as advertising manager until his retirement in 1993. He always wore a tie and jacket and set high standards. During these years, the Wildcat became fully independent financially from the university and Morley’s staffs regularly began bringing in the $1 million plus required to sustain the Wildcat’s excellence.He passed away in March 2003.

CHARLIE KENNEDY enrolled at the UA in 1988 and graduated in 1992. Charlie was an SAE and joined the Daily Wildcat as an Advertising Sales Account Executive in 1990. Charlie, who passed away far too young, is remembered for his reputation, dedication and sense of brotherhood. Truth be told, Charlie was George’s favorite. Rightfully so — 2 Irish guys with similar work ethic, passion and moral code.

2016 Open House at the Daily Wildcat

On October 29th, more than 30 former Daily Wildcatters visited the newsroom and toured the Student Media facility, including the studios of KAMP Student Radio and UATV3. Current staffers answered questions about the print Wildcat and, and showed off their newest digital media tools.

2017 Hall of Fame Update

The Daily Wildcat Hall of Fame ceremony has been postponed until next fall, with the goal of having it on the Friday evening of 2017 Homecoming. The university has not yet set the dates for the weekend but we’ll move forward as soon as it has been announced.

Thank you to all who sent in nominations. There are many strong candidates, and the alumni selection committee will move ahead in the next few weeks to finalize the list of honorees.

We are sorry to have to delay the ceremony. This past year has been one of evolution for the Wildcat and all of Student Media, transforming how the newsroom produces and delivers news, how the advertising/marketing staff generates revenue and promotions, and how all our media fit together. It has been an exciting and challenging year, and the work continues.

As alumni and supporters, you are a part of this evolution. Today’s Wildcat is very different from its early days, but also very much the same. Its cornerstone is and has always been the passionate, engaged students who produce editorially-independent news and advertising content. You are the Wildcat.

We are committed to improving our communication and will be sending regular updates over the next year, and hope to see you soon!

*****Daily Wildcat Homecoming Tour!*****

Newsroom stat trackingOn Saturday, October 29th between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., drop by and take a tour of the updated Daily Wildcat newsroom!  Designed to encourage collaboration, innovation, and simply hanging out, we’ve added couches (green), tables for laptops and small group meetings, and large screens which livestream 24/7 digital stats, traffic patterns and social media activity.

You can also tour the entire Student Media facility, including the one-of-a-kind KAMP Student Radio studio.  If you attend the 10:30 a.m. School of Journalism Homecoming gathering (details here), Student Media director Brett Fera will escort you down the  street to the Wildcat afterwards.

We’re in the Park Student Union at 615 N Park Avenue – between Kaibab/Huachuca residence hall and the volleyball courts. Our entrances on Park and off the west courtyard are separate from the main union. Questions? Email Brett or call him at (520) 621-3408.

Call for Wildcat Hall of Fame Nominations

2014 Hall of Fame inductees, left to right: Frank Rizzo, John D'Anna, Tim Fuller, Mark Emmons, Joe Cole, Joshua Moss, Joni Hirsch Blackman, Chris Oldre
2014 Hall of Fame inductees

Arizona Daily Wildcat alumni have inducted 67 former Wildcatters or advisers into the Daily Wildcat Hall of Fame since its inception in 2001. Our alumni have distinguished themselves nationally in journalism and many other fields. The Daily Wildcat Hall of Fame includes Pulitzer Prize winners as well as alumni who excelled in law, business, technology, film producing, education, and even horse-racing.

It’s now time for the next round of nominations. Do you know someone who deserves to be honored in the Hall of Fame? Please submit a nomination by April 15, 2016.

We are in the early stages of planning the Wildcat Alumni Hall of Fame and Young Alumni Awards ceremony, possibly for late January 2017.

Is there someone you’d like to nominate for a Wildcat Young Alumni Award? We’ll be sending out details soon.

If you have any questions, please email Student Media interim director Brett Fera or call him at (520) 621-3408.

Stay tuned!

Woodhams Retires!

Wildcat Alumni and Woodhams
Woodhams and some of the Daily Wildcat alumni attendees

He came. He saw. He blew the doors off the ‘Glass House.’

After 31 years as a presence across the national student media landscape, Mark Woodhams, director of Arizona Student Media and adviser to The Daily Wildcat for more than two decades, retired on February 28th.

That evening, more than 150 current and former students, family members, friends and colleagues celebrated Mark at a party held at Amalour restaurant in Tucson. The event was spiked with reunions, speeches, gifts and farewells as those impacted by Mark’s work honored him.

Here are some photos for now, and a video is forthcoming.

Daily Wildcat Innovation in Media Campaign Underway

The Arizona Daily Wildcat has kicked off its Innovation in Media fundraising campaign, with momentum provided from generous lead donors to get us rolling.

The goal
of the campaign is to help the Wildcat and our students continue their evolution into a sleek and potent news organization. The funds raised in this 3-year drive will provide training and technology support for both the news and advertising areas.

Our goal is to raise $250,000
. It’s an ambitious and somewhat daunting amount, but with your help, it will ensure the Wildcat will continue to provide robust news, media and information to our devoted consumers and provide students the skills and experience needed for the future.

Please consider being a part of our campaign.
You can read more about it here. Thank you!

Mark Woodhams Retiring, Come Celebrate His Career!

woodhams_extraextra3He came. He saw. He blew the doors off the ‘Glass House.’

After 31 years as a presence across the national student media landscape, Mark Woodhams, director of Arizona Student Media and adviser to The Daily Wildcat for more than two decades, will retire from his current post at the University of Arizona at the end of February.

Family, friends, students, former colleagues and any of the so many others impacted by his work are invited to a celebration of Mark’s career in student media on Saturday, Feb. 28, at Amalour (formerly known as Bodega), 4340 N Campbell Avenue (St. Philip’s Plaza) in Tucson. Look for the Daily Wildcat banner. Join us from 3:30 – 6:00, with a special presentation at 4:30. We’d be most grateful for an RSVP via either our Facebook event page or on EventBrite.

Mark and his family arrived in Tucson 22 years ago, after nine years in a similar role at Northeastern University in Boston. He’s revered by students and our professional staff alike for his direct, often brutally honest, approach, his ability to balance the historical expectations of strong journalism with the demands for innovation in an ever-changing media landscape and his commitment to the future of this department – let alone opportunities for young journalists across the board.

As we look forward to celebrating with Mark in the coming weeks, here are a few words from the man himself on what working in student media has meant to him:

(Via Facebook) “… The past three decades have been a great ride. I have been exceedingly privileged — beyond what you can imagine — to have worked alongside so many outrageously talented students. For some of them this may be hard to believe (given my sometimes crusty and curmudgeonly reputation), but they have rewarded me many times over. And what a tribute to the essence of their work on their college newspaper to see so many be successful professionally across lots of fields, not just journalism … So I guess you could call “no fair.” Students have done all the work and I’ve just sat back and loved every minute of it …

“… But the reality is that come March 1 a new era will begin, and I have every reason to see it as a really positive time for new energy and creativity around the Wildcat and all our student media. One thing will always remain: students are drawn to working on their college newspaper (we’ll use newspaper as shorthand for the multiple platform news organizations they have become) for the kind of compelling, independent and rewarding hands-on experience that they cannot get in a class or at an internship. It’s what makes the student press central not just to the future of journalism but also to the educational mission of a great university.”

2014 Hall of Fame video and slideshow online

You can now watch a video of the full 2014 Hall of Fame ceremony online. We’ve also posted a slideshow.  11 new Hall of Famers were inducted and 9 Young Alumni were recognized at the January 25th celebration.

2014 Hall of Fame inductees, left to right: Frank Rizzo, John D'Anna, Tim Fuller, Mark Emmons, Joe Cole, Joshua Moss, Joni Hirsch Blackman, Chris Oldre
2014 Hall of Fame inductees, left to right: Frank Rizzo, John D’Anna, Tim Fuller, Mark Emmons, Joe Cole, Joshua Moss, Joni Hirsch Blackman, Chris Oldre