The Arizona Daily Wildcat Hall of Fame

The Wildcat Hall of Fame recognizes alumni of the Daily Wildcat for their
distinguished and significant accomplishments in journalism or any chosen professional
field. Alumni include anyone who worked on the Wildcat in any position while
a student at The University of Arizona. Alumni nominees must be out of school for 10 years and are nominated by other alumni.

You may also nominate non-alumni based on their significant contributions to the Wildcat and support for the student press.

You may make a nomination at any time by completing this form.


The current members of the Hall of Fall are:

Edith Auslander

Gilbert Bailon

Terrence Bauer

H. Darr Beiser

Joni Hirsch Blackman

Betsy Bolding

Elinor Brecher

Bobbie Jo Buel

Ford Burkhart

Don Carson

Scott Carter

Robert Cauthorn

Abraham “Abe” Chanin

Michael Chihak

Nancy Cleeland

Joe Cole

Robert Crawford

John D’Anna

Mark Emmons

Gordon Evans

L. Boyd Finch

David Fitzsimmons

Olaf Frandsen

Tim Fuller

Ryan Gabrielson

Paul Giblin

Richard H. Gilman

Tomas Guillen

Ellen Hale

Chris Halligan

Hugh Harelson

Dan Hicks

Rod Howard

Diane Johnsen

James W. Johnson

Mary Alice Kellogg

Morgan Loew

Clyde Lowery

Douglas Martin

Phil Matier

Sheila McNulty

Sherman R. Miller 3rd

George B. Morley II

J. Jennings Moss

Judith Dunwell Nichols

Chris Oldre

Lynne Olson

Jones Osborn

Jay Parker

Dorothy Parvaz

Todd Pletcher

Nicholas Proffitt

Merl Reagle

Frank Rizzo

Mort Rosenblum

Ron Silverman

Ernest Sotomayor

Frank Sotomayor

Sam Stanton

Gregory Stone

Terry Valeski

Robert Walker

William Walsh

Margo Warren

Charles Waters Jr.

Rob Wilson

Merrill Windsor

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