Innovator Circle Members

Thank you to our Innovators Circle donors whose gifts laid the foundation of our campaign. And a special thank you to Chris Oldre, Daily Wildcat sales rep ’90-’92 and now a senior vice president at Disney. He provided the lead gift and has offered guidance and advice since the beginning, when he wrote:

I was blessed and fortunate enough to spend 3 years with George Morley and the Daily Wildcat.  I attribute much of my personal and professional success to the lessons I learned from George, the responsibilities given to me, the opportunities and tools to succeed.

It is my honor to help lead this effort  in honor of George and in support of The Arizona Daily Wildcat.

With your assistance – we can achieve and surpass this goal. BEAR DOWN.

The Innovator Circle Members

Kathleen Braband

Brett & Lindsey Fera

Charles Halnan

Dan Hicks

Dennis Morley

Melissa & Greg Murphy

Chris Oldre

Jay Parker

Brice Samuel

Michael Spohn

David Sterling

Kevin Williamson

Rob Wilson

Mark & Helene Woodhams

The Walt Disney Company


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