“Print the news, sound the alarm, and raise hell.”

For 110 years, the Arizona (Daily) Wildcat has been doing just that.  The strong and often strident voice of student opinion has been heard through one form of student press or another at the University of  Arizona’s campus since 1899. What began as little more than a family newsletter has matured into a professional, daily morning newspaper with 24/7 digital presence…(Read the full Wildcat history here)

The first student publication on campus was the Sage Green and Silver.
Here’s a PDF of the entire 8-page first issue published in January 1899, or you can view  just the first page here

Here’s a PDF of the first Arizona Weekly Life, published November 14, 1911
(Scan quality not great, but try enlarging to read)

We’ve compiled a list of  editors in chief of the Wildcat and its early incarnations starting in 1899.

In November 1999, almost 300 Wildcat and other student publication alumni and friends celebrated the 100th anniversary of student press at the UA.
Attendees came from 15 states and 2 countries (as far away as Singapore and Japan) and represented seven decades of involvement with student press. You can view photos of the celebration and more here.

In March 2001, after more than 30 years in the Memorial Student Union, the Wildcat prepared for a major relocation. The building was soon to be demolished to make way for a new Student Union, and the Wildcat was eventually going to be housed in a remodeled and enlarged Park Student Union. So we packed up and left for temporary offices in a former apartment complex until the Park Union facility was completed.  We moved the entire student media operation during the week of spring break, and were up and running  by the time the students returned. But before we left the old student union, students and staff wrote odes, farewell poems, left lists of the names of former Wildcatters, and created artwork on the walls.

In January 2004, after a year and a half working in temporary offices, we moved into our grand new facility in the Park Student Union which you helped us create.

You may happy to know that the newsroom got a new Green Couch to keep the legend alive:

In April 2004, the newsroom was officially named “The Sherman R. Miller 3rd Newsroom” Read more about it here

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