Thanks to our Innovation in Media Campaign Donors!

With your help, the Wildcat will continue to provide robust news, media and information to our devoted consumers and provide students the skills and experience needed for the future.

Thank you to the Innovator Circle members for their early support of this campaign, and thank you to all our donors!

Donors to the Innovation in Media Fund

Jacquelyn Abad
Paul Allvin
Jeffrey Anderson
Stephanie Arthur
Gilbert Bailon
John Banks
Brandon Bert (in honor of Charlie Kennedy)
Joni Hirsch Blackman (in honor of Don Carson)
Kathleen Braband*
Timothy Bransford
Anthony Braza
Elinor Brecker
Alicia Caldwell
Peter Cantor
Keith Carmona
Don & Helen Carson
Bobbie Jo Buel Carter
James Scott Carter
Michael Chesnick
Jennifer Cieslak
Chris Coduto
Jennifer Coleman
Stephanie Cooper
Alfred Courduff
Ian Cross
Kristen DeGroot
David & Nancy Dykes
Faith Edman
Kathy (Bryant) Faubion
Dave & Betty Feldman
Brett & Lindsey Fera*
Lawrence Fleischman
George & Carol Frazier
Amanda Gilman
Christina Gindt
Judith Goldman
Anne Haney Gooden
Charles Halnan*
Dan Hicks*
Bill Horn (in honor of Charlie Kennedy)
Rod Howard
Susan Rabin Hymers
Derek Jones
Col. George R. Kaine
Leonard Karpel
Peter Kesling
Paula Johnston Kelso
John C. Lacy
Johann & Diane Laetz
Matthew Laughlin
Jessica Leftault
Saul Loeb
MacArthur Foundation
Laura Malamud
Marshall Foundation
Kurt Marzolf
Gerard McIntee
Sheila McNulty
Willard & Julia Mies
Donald D. & Rachel L. Morgan
Dennis Morley (in honor of George Morley)*
Alisa Wabnik Morrill
Richard Sholes Mullen
Renee Munro
Melissa & Greg Murphy*
Elaine Nathanson
Jennifer (Lambert) Noseck
Chris Oldre (in honor of George B. Morley II)*
Chris Oldre (in honor of Charlie Kennedy)*
Jay Parker*
David Portnoy
Adam Rex
Michael Rich
Rebecca Rillos
Frank Rizzo
John Rohde
David Rosenbaum
Brice Samuel (in honor of Charlie Kennedy)
Sander Family, including Julie Baeta, Jennifer Fry & Jodi Freedman, their husbands and children (in honor of Charlie Kennedy)
Daniel Scarpinato
Carole Smith
Frank Sotomayor
Charles Spencer (in honor George B. Morley II)
Michael Spohn*
R. Marsh Starks
Diana Steffen
David Sterling*
Eric Stevens
Stacie Taylor
Mark Thomas & Brenda Frese
Philip A. Waggener
Robert K. Walker
Daniel Wallach
Jack Waugh
Nancy & Granville White
Margaret Whiting
Kevin Williamson (in honor of George B. Morley II)*
Rob Wilson*
David Wood
Mark & Helene Woodhams*
The Walt Disney Company*
Kathryn Young

 * Indicates Innovators Circle Members ($3,000 gift or a pledge of $1,000/year for 3 years)

And thank you to all who have donated in past years to support the Daily Wildcat!

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