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Now accepting Wildcat Hall of Fame & Young Alumni Award nominations

Arizona Daily Wildcat alumni have inducted 56 fellow alums into the Daily Wildcat Hall of Fame since its inception in 2001. Our alumni have distinguished themselves nationally in journalism and many other fields. The Daily Wildcat Hall of Fame includes Pulitzer Prize winners as well as alumni who excelled in law, business, technology, film producing, education, and even horse-racing.

Now it’s time for another round of nominations. Know someone who deserves to be honored in the Hall of Fame? Please submit a nomination by April 15.

Since 2008 we have concurrently recognized outstanding younger alumni with the Daily Wildcat Young Alumni Awards. This award recognizes alumni who have been out of school for 10 years or less and who have begun to make their mark professionally in any field. Please submit your nomination by April 15.

We are in the early stages of planning a Wildcat Alumni Hall of Fame and Young Alumni awards ceremony for late fall 2013/early spring 2014. Stay posted.

Daily Wildcat Timeline

Hello everyone,

My name is Luke Money and I am the current editor in chief at the Wildcat, for the next month at least. For the past week or so I’ve been working on creating the Daily Wildcat Facebook timeline. But I need some help. I went through and added in the major timestamps in Wildcat history (first issue, when we became a daily, etc.) but I want this to be more than a regurgitation of a brochure. I want it to be a lively, complete history of the Wildcat, as told by its alumni. That’s where you all come in. If you can think of major moments during your time at the paper (big awards, big stories, big problems, big anything) and send me a specific date and brief description of the event, I can add it to our timeline so all of our Facebook followers can see it. I can be reached at alumnicat@dailywildcat.com. I hope to hear from a lot of you soon.


Luke Money

Alumnus Issues $50,000 Challenge

Dear Wildcat Alumni & Friends:

I am writing to let you know of a new gift the Wildcat has received. This is a commitment of $50,000 from alumnus Chris Halligan ’89, who was a Wildcat sports writer.  Chris has indicated he wants to support student initiatives, development and training in all areas in the Wildcat workplace.


Chris has also issued a challenge for other alumni and friends to match his gift over the next five years with a goal of $10,000 each year.  In the months ahead we will organize a fund drive to help meet and track this challenge, and we hope you will be able to participate.  If you would like to begin now by donating, please visit our “How to Donate” page.

As the college media landscape evolves, the Wildcat has responded by widening its digital footprint, creating new advertising platforms, and adapting to shifting readership habits. The need to provide our student workforce with the training and tools to meet these challenges will take the support of all of you who value the Daily Wildcat experience and independent campus journalism.

Our thanks to Chris Halligan—a successful technology entrepreneur who was inducted into the Daily Wildcat Alumni Hall of Fame this past March—for initiating this challenge.  “Do good things,” he wrote when making his gift.  With your help, we will.

Mark Woodhams
Director, Arizona Student Media
and Adviser, Arizona Daily Wildcat

Editor in Chief for Spring 2010

Lance Madden was selected  by the Student Media Board as the spring ’09 editor in chief.  Lance has worked at the Wildcat for almost three years, with experience as a sports reporter, the sports editor, and  the EIC of the 2009 Summer Wildcat. He also won the 2009  Clyde D. Lowery for Professionalism and Integrity in Journalism award.