4 thoughts on “Wildcat Production Manager retires”

  1. Fred- what a wonderful (and light-hearted) way to appreciate your talents and hard work at the UA Wildcat. You will be missed! I wish you the best in all your future endeavours.

  2. Way to go Dad!! It’s about time to go fishin! Thank you for all the issues of the Wildcat I have enjoyed them all the past 10 years that I have worked here!! LUV #1 Daughter

  3. Well, Big Brother, I’m not sure you’re old enough to retire. What will those folks do without you? You’re like “OLD MAIN”——–always there! You’re dedication and performance for the Wildcat are admirable and appreciated. I anticipate the U of A will be contacting you for some future assignment. Your skills are too valuable!
    Hugs & Love,
    Jan {:-))))))))))

  4. Fred – I’m a bit late in commenting as I just read this, but let me add my congratulations! By now, you are hopefully enjoying retirement and loving it. Any plans to move east? If you travel through Texas (such as San Antonio), please let me know. Again, best wishes for a wonderful retirement! Mike Spohn

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