Corey Benjamin

CoreyGlamorShotSince my tenure in the advertising department at the Wildcat ran nearly as long as my studies at the UofA, it was always more than just a job. It was an education unto itself, as where else would your day take you from a sushi restaurant to class to a tattoo parlor to a study group to a bike shop, all by noon? Managing a book of business on top of my studies over that long of a time frame forged a diligent work ethic and comfort for the unexpected that has been essential to my career path to date. Whether butting heads with the newsroom over which side of the paper was the most important, working with the eclectic business community that makes Tucson outstanding, or designing an entire campaign from scratch with the help of the creative department, I’m grateful for the wealth of memories I have from the Daily Wildcat newspaper.



Corey Benjamin  is most proud of the recent success of his work with the Chicago startup crowdfynd, the first “lost and found” mobile, social and web platform harnassing the power of crowd sourcing to make recovery of lost and found items easier.  Crowdfynd (where Corey is Partner Network Director/Loudest Rooftop Screamer) was voted a “Top 5 Startup” by Techweek Chicago and was nominated for a Chicago Innovation Award.

When not evangelizing for crowdfynd, Corey is director of business initiatives  at  EDC Technology, part of the L Street Collaborative Network, in Chicago.  In the eight years since graduating from the UA, he has built outstanding skills in marketing, partnership alignment and client relationship building at jobs with Home Preview Channel, Marketing Resources Inc, and Trader Outlook, all in the Chicago area, before joining EDC in 2012.

Corey, who graduated in 2005 with a degree in creative writing, was an advertising account exec at the Wildcat for three years, rising to senior account executive. He was consistently recognized for excellence in customer service.

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