2003 – 2004 News

News 2003-2004

More than $65,000 raised! The Daily Wildcat’s fall fundraising campaign has brought in more than $65,000, topping the initial goal of $50,000. Donations–many of them from Wildcat alumni–came from all over the country and in different denominations and forms, large and small, cash and pledges. All donors in this phase of the campaign will be recognized as contributing to the Wildcat’s new facility in the Park Union.

Donors with gifts of $1,500 or more will be placed in our Hall of Fame Society and named on a permanent plaque. Similarly, those who gave $500 or more to the Front Page Society and the George Morley Fund will be recognized on plaques placed in the new offices. All donations, regardless of size, will be named on our building fund plaque.

The largest gift–$25,000–was made by the family and friends of the late Sherman R. Miller 3rd, a former Wildcat adviser and head of the UA journalism department. The new newsroom will be named for Miller and dedicated at a date later this spring. Stay posted for details.

The fundraising campaign has passed its first challenge and has a goal of $250,000 by December 31, 2005. Alumni who are interested in serving on our fund committee or offering ideas and assistance are encouraged to contact Mark Woodhams, at 520-621-3408

The Charlie Kennedy Memorial Wildcat alumni honor the memory of Charlie Kennedy, support the Daily Wildcat fundraising campaign

Charlie Kennedy, a Daily Wildcat sales representative from 1990-1992, died in June of 2002. His colleagues have begun a campaign to raise money in his name for the Wildcat’s Building for the Future campaign.

Their goal is to raise $5,000 for the Charlie Kennedy Memorial. Charlie will be recognized in the Hall of Fame Society, and Student Media will erect a memorial plaque for him in the new ad office, which will include the names of all those who contributed.

To participate, contact Brice W. Samuel, 5141 N. 40th St., Suite 500, Phoenix, AZ 85018. Phone 602-840-2990

http://freedmanhome.com/julie/CharlieMem.htm Make your check payable to “UAF/Morley Fund.”

150 Honor Daily Wildcat Hall of Fame
Nearly 150 Wildcat alumni and friends gathered Nov. 7 for the Wildcat’s Hall of Fame dinner. Eight new members were inducted. Financial journalist Thom Calandra, founding editor of CBS Marketwatch and the Calandra Report, delivered the keynote address.

At the start of the dinner, the Tucson Citizen made a $2,000 challenge pledge to the Wildcat’s Campaign for the Future. Guests responded with nearly $2,900 in donations or pledges.

The evening was not without emotion as tributes were made to two of the new members of the Hall– both deceased–whose families traveled from across the country to attend the ceremony. Sherman R. Miller 3rd, Wildcat adviser and journalism department head from 1959-1968, was recalled as a legendary journalism teacher who himself taught future members of the Hall (Jim Johnson was inducted this year). And tributes to George Morley were read from former students, acknowledging the former ad manager’s influence on their careers and lives.

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