2002 – 2003 News

2002 – 2003

Leaders Selected for Next Year
Two old hands and one new one are stepping into leadership roles at the Wildcat starting this summer.

Jeff Sklar, editor in chief in fall 2002, was selected EIC for fall 2003–a rare reappointment in the annals of Wildcat history. Jeff, a junior journalism major, has also been assistant news editor and news editor. This spring he was a senior reporter, responsible largely for covering administration and faculty issues.

Also coming back this fall will be Cheryl Liu, as sales manager in the ad department. This year Cheryl has served as advertising operations manager and sales manager–the latter this semester during a time when the professional ad manager’s job was vacant. A senior marketing major from Vancouver, Cheryl has helped direct the Wildcat to a 6% gain in ad revenue the last few months.

The new hand–Arek Sarkissian II–is new only to a leadership position. A 2-year veteran of the reporting staff, Arek was selected editor in chief of the Summer Wildcat. He has also held a reporting internship with the Arizona Daily Star.

Wildcat Banquet Honors Achievements
More than 100 students, staff, faculty and alumni turned out for the annual Wildcat Awards Banquet May 3, held once again at the funky, historic Hotel Congress. Nearly three dozen achievement awards, awards for excellence and scholarships were meted out in what has become the year’s signature event honoring the Wildcat and our staff.

Alumni awards–presented on behalf of Daily Wildcat alumni to graduating students who have served at least two years and made outstanding contributions–were made to:

  • Adam Pugh, Arts editor
  • Leah Tiscione, Cartoonist
  • Cyndy Cole, Everything–ad rep, news editor, reporter
  • Maxx Wolfson, Sports editor and reporter
  • Jeff Lund, Sports editor and reporter
  • Lisa Salamone, Accounting administrator
  • Jennifer Leon, Advertising account exec
  • Jeff Henley, Graphic designer

The George Morley Award for Achievement in Advertising–the top award from the Wildcat’s business side– was presented to Jennifer Leon.

Daniel Scarpinato, editor in chief, won the Clyde Lowery Award for Professionalism and Integrity in Journalism, the newsroom’s most prestigious honor.
Five scholarships totalling $2500 were awarded, including a special one in memory of Joyce Heffelfinger, the Student Media Department’s administrative assistant who died last year. The $500 Heffelfinger Scholarship, generously provided by her husband Jim, came to be known as the “unsung hero” scholarship for recognizing diligence, enterprise, resourcefulness and good humor–qualities that may have gone unnoticed but which need to be celebrated and encouraged. This year’s winner is Jason Centers, a three and a half year veteran of the Wildcat’s classifieds ad office. Four Wildcat merit scholarships, each at $500, were presented. These scholarships, provided by Wildcat ad revenue, are intended to recognize and reward students for their achievements on the paper and for their professional promise. This year’s winners are:

  • Marchelo Bresciani, a graphic design major and a designer in our production department
  • Keren Raz, an English major and a reporter and projects editor for the Wildcat
  • Katie Schramm, an accounting major from Illinois and an accountant in our advertising AR department
  • Jeff Sklar, a junior journalism major and editor in chief and senior reporter

A new award was offered this year–the Wildcat Impact Award recognizing enterprise and innovation. Two students shared the honors, Samantha Hart from the ad side who sold a record number of web ads, and Rachel Rainbow, the design chief who redesigned and repackaged much of the Wildcat over the course of the year.

April 2003

George Morley Fund created in honor of former Wildcat ad manager

Student Media is honored to announce the establishment of the “George Morley Fund” to support leadership development and training opportunities for Daily Wildcat student advertising and business staffs.

George Morley, who passed away in March 2003, was the Daily Wildcat advertising manager from 1978 to 1993. He mentored hundreds of students, leaving them a legacy of professionalism and integrity. This fund will help continue that legacy.

Donations to the George Morley Fund will help pay for conferences, training, speakers, and technologies for current Daily Wildcat sales and business students. If you would like to contribute, please make check payable to “UAF/George Morley Fund” and send it to:

AZ Student Media
Attn: George Morley Fund
615 N. Park Ave., Rm 101
Tucson AZ 85721

You can also make a donation by Mastercard or Visa. Just include your card number and expiration date. If you have any questions, please call Faith Edman at (520) 626-6699 or email stumedia@u.arizona.edu

Wildcat Alum Is Journalist of the Year

Susan Carroll, a reporter and news editor for the Daily Wildcat from 1996-1998, was named Journalist of the Year by the Arizona Press Club on April 11 for her reporting on border issues for the Tucson Citizen. Susan is now a reporter with the Arizona Republic.

February 2003


The Daily Wildcat has earned the following awards from the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ) regional competition. Our region includes California, so it’s very competitive. This is for the year 2002.

  • First Place, best all around daily. Way to go! Others competing included Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, ASU, to name a few.
  • First Place, staff, spot news reporting, “Student Kills 3 Profs”
  • First Place, Caitlin Hall, general column writing
  • First Place, David Harden, feature photo, “Gotta love this game”
  • Second Place, o-board, editorial writing (fall 2002 edits)
  • Second Place, Daniel Scarpinato, in depth reporting, “Beyond Rhetoric”
  • Third Place, Devin Simmons, general news reporting, “Flores on Edge”
  • Honorable Mention, Daniel Cutcher, general column writing
  • Honorable Mention, Eric Jukelevics, sports photography, “Tara Chaplin”

All told, the Wildcat placed third in overall competition, behind ASU and Berkeley. This is a reflection of the number of entries and of ASU’s broadcast awards. The more you enter, the more you win. What counts is #1 best all around paper! The Wildcat will now be entered with other regional winners in the national SPJ best college daily contest.

January 2003

Wildcat Leaders for Spring 2003

Daniel Scarpinato picked up the reins as editor in chief for the spring semester. Daniel is a 2-year veteran of the newsroom, serving as a reporter, assistant editor and managing editor. A journalism senior, Daniel will be graduating in May.

On the ad side, Cheryl Liu became student sales manager this semester–a promotion from her job in the fall as advertising operations manager. A marketing major from Vancouver, B.C., the versatile Cheryl has worked for nearly 4 years at the Wildcat, including a stint as a graphic designer. She graduates in December.

Ad Manager Moves On

Jeannette Brauchli, the Wildcat’s professional ad manager the last 5 years, resigned in January to take a position with the Tucson newspapers. Wildcat ad sales reached a peak of nearly $1.5 million under Jeannette’s tenure before tapering off in the post 9-11 economy. The selection process is underway for Jeannette’s replacement. A complete job description is available at the UA’s online jobs site.

September 2002

Wildcat Columnist Wins National Honors

Jessica Lee, a columnist and perspectives editor for the Daily Wildcat this year, took first prize in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ annual scholarship contest for collegiate journalists.

Lee, an environmental sciences major from Flagstaff, won $1,000 and a free trip to Pittsburgh this summer for the NSNC convention. One judge called her work “witty, intelligent commentary.”

Lee, a junior, has been on the Wildcat staff for 3 semesters. She is also winner of one of the five $500 Wildcat merit scholarships awarded by the paper itself for next year.

April 2002

Lowery, Morley Award Winners

Junior Cyndy Cole was named winner of this year’s Clyde Lowery Award for Professionalism and Integrity in Journalism. A journalism and political science double major, Cyndy tirelessly covered the Wildcat’s toughest beat this year, reporting on the administration and regents (“She’s got the best rolodex on the paper,” someone once said.). A former ad rep for the Wildcat–at which she also excelled–Cyndy moved to the newsroom for the first time only this year, making her accomplishment as the paper’s top reporter even more noteworthy.

The Lowery Award, started in 2001, is given annually to a reporter or editor who best models the outstanding journalism practice and is named for former student publications director and adviser Clyde Lowery.

The George Morley Award for Achievement in Advertising and Business was presented this year to junior Lisa Salamone. An accounting major, Lisa is an accounting administrator in the Wildcat’s advertising office, responsible for billing and credit and collections. One of three students who are now entirely responsible for the Wildcat’s A/R, Lisa has taken on a leadership role in hiring and supervising other students involved in accounting.

The Morley Award was initiated last year to recognize the high standards of business practice, sales and customer service advocated by longtime advertising adviser George Morley.
Both the Morley and Lowery Awards were presented at the annual Wildcat banquet on April 27 at the Hotel Congress in Tucson. More than 100 student staff turned out for drinks, dinner and an awards presentation.

Banquet Recognizes Graduating Seniors, Alumni

The Wildcat’s annual banquet April 27 recognized six graduating seniors for their career accomplishments on the paper by bestowing them with honors from Daily Wildcat alumni.
The Daily Wildcat Alumni Awards for general excellence and achievement in their careers on the Wildcat went to:

Michelle Balko (1999-2002), Senior Advertising Account Executive.
Maggie Burnett (1999-2002), Editor in Chief, Arts Editor, News Editor
Josh Hagler (1998-2002), Cartoonist, Illustrations Editor
Eric Jukelevics (1998-2002), Photographer, Photo Editor, Online Editor
Allison Mele (1998-2002), Classified Ad Representative
Graig Uhlin (1999-2002), Arts Writer and Reviewer, Asst Arts Editor, Copy Editor

On hand to present the awards was former editor in chief Dave Cieslak, now an award-winning reporter for the Tucson Citizen.
Jeff Sklar Takes the Reins

News editor Jeff Sklar was selected editor in chief of the Summer Wildcat and fall Daily Wildcat by the Media Board earlier this month. Sklar, only a sophomore, walked onto the Wildcat staff this year after transferring to the UofA from USC, where he worked on the Daily Trojan as a freshman. He quickly rose to assistant news editor and then, when news editor Maggie Burnett became EIC in January, to news editor himself.

A Tucsonan, Sklar graduated from Salpointe High School second in his class and served as editor in chief of the newspaper, yearbook and literary magazine (although not at the same time). As one Media Board member noted, “Jeff’s been prepping for editor in chief all his life.”

$2500 in Scholarships Meted Out

Five Wildcat staffers will each get a $500 Wildcat merit scholarship for 2002-2003. These scholarships, awarded by the paper itself, are given both to recognize established talent and to encourage newcomers to the paper. All students, all departments, are eligible to apply as long as they have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Each applicant writes a brief essay and is interviewed by a committee of students and media board members.
The winners this year are:

Cyndy Cole, a journalism junior from Eugene, Ore., who has worked both sides of the operation, ads and news. She wrote in her essay:

“The one most important thing that I’ve discovered from my time at the Wildcat is my passion for the work. I changed my major because of this job. I love doing news, and I know what I want to do with my career, if I am so fortunate.”
Jessica Lee, a junior environmental sciences major from Flagstaff who has been a columnist and perspectives editor for 3 semesters. An exceprt from her essay follows:

“I attribute many of my writing goals to the late, great author and naturalist Edward Abbey. I see my role as a columnist, as Abbey envisioned his purpose as a writer: ‘I try to make people laugh, make them cry, provoke them, make them angry, make them think if possible.'”
Saul Loeb, freshman journalism major from Paradise Valley and a member of the photo staff. From his application:

“The Wildcat…has changed the way I think whenever I pick up a camera. I think about the story the photo will convey. I think about the lives of the people in it. What might just be another mundane assignment for me to shoot might be one of the most important events in this person’s life.”
Afshan Patel, freshman systems engineering major from Karachi, Pakistan and a classified advertising representative. Below is an excerpt from Afshan’s application:

“During the aftermath of September 11 when being a Muslim and wearing a headscarf was a reason to fear for one’s security, everyone at the Wildcat gave me the strength to walk without fearing every second step and they gave me the courage to go around without missing my family and needing their support.”
Lisa Salamone, a junior accounting major from Glendale who has been an accounting assistant and accounting administrator for the Wildcat ad department for 2 years. Below is Lisa’s excerpt:

“The professional and personal lessons I have learned at the Wildcat will be a vital part of my success in the business world. My experiences here will forever remind me that the key to being successful is the importance of having fun at whatever you do.”

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