2001 Hall of Fame


Edith Auslander

A past president of the Arizona Board of Regents, editor with the Arizona Daily star, member of the journalism faculty, and executive with Tucson Newspapers, Inc., Edith now serves as development director with the Arizona Alumni Association. In 1961, she was the first winner of the Donald Still Award given annually for outstanding contributions to the Wildcat.

Gilbert Bailon

Editor in chief of the Daily Wildcat, 1980 – 81, Gilbert is executive editor of the Dallas Morning News. His numerous professional associations include serving as president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and on the board of directors of the Maynard Institute for Journalism. Gilbert received the Donald Still Award for outstanding service to the Daily Wildcat in 1981.

Terrence Bauer

Terry served as business manager of the Daily Wildcat in 1979-80 during a period of rapid growth as the paper moved toward financial independence. He is president and CEO of Pediatric Physician Alliance, Inc., an Atlanta-based company he founded in 1996. He was previously president and COO of Allegiant Physician Services and president and CEO of ATC Healthcare Services, Inc.

Donald Carson

For 30 years a member of the journalism faculty at Arizona, Don’s impact on the Wildcat comes from his teaching and mentoring of hundreds of editors and reporters, several of whom are joining him in the Hall. He is nationally recognized for his efforts to attract minority students to journalism. Don is the co-author of “Mo: The Life &Times of Morris K. Udall” (with James W. Johnson).

Robert Cauthorn

Founder of the Daily Star’s StarNet, its online edition, in 1995, Bob is now vice president for digital operations with the San Francisco Chronicle. Widely recognized as a visionary in his field, he was honored as a New Media Pioneer by the Newspaper Association of America. Bob was editor in chief of the Wildcat in 1983.

Abraham “Abe” Chanin

Wildcat editor during the war years of 1942-43 (before being called into service), Abe later worked for the Arizona Daily Star for 36 years as sports editor and editorial page editor. He taught journalism at the UA from 1976-88 and is the author of several books, including “They Fought Like Wildcats.” He was also founder and director of the Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives at the UA and editor and publisher of the Arizona Jewish Post.

Richard H. Gilman

Publisher of the Boston Globe since 1999, Richard is a veteran of the New York Times Co., starting with the Times in 1983 and working in circulation and production before rising to senior vice president of operations in 1993. He began his career in journalism as a Wildcat reporter and night editor in 1969 before jumping to the Arizona Daily Star. Richard holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and he was the keynote speaker at the Daily Wildcat’s 100th anniversary reunion in 1999.

Hugh Harelson (deceased)

Editor in chief of the Wildcat in 1951-52, Hugh later embarked on an illustrious career in Arizona journalism. He was publisher of Arizona Highways magazine, an editor with the Arizona Republic, news director of KPNX-TV in Phoenix, and director of UA public relations. Well remembered for his service to the UA, Hugh was a president of the Arizona Alumni Association.

Clyde D. Lowery

The Wildcat’s first fulltime professional adviser, Clyde served as director of student publications from 1973-1988 and again in 1992. During his tenure as adviser, the Wildcat moved to the computer age, had its first 1$ million revenue year, and grew into one of the largest college dailies in the nation. Many Wildcat staffers from that era are now newsroom leaders throughout the state and country. A veteran journalist, Clyde was also managing editor of the Tucson Citizen.

Douglas Martin (deceased)

A Pulitzer Prize winner with the Detroit Free Press, Doug Martin was the first head of the UA journalism department. He is recalled by many Wildcat alumni as their chief mentor in the 1950s when the paper was part of the department. He was also author of “The Lamp in the Desert,” a history of the UA.

Mort Rosenblum

Now a special correspondent for the Associated Press in Paris, Mort is a former editor of the International Herald Tribune. A veteran foreign journalist, Mort was first sent overseas – to the Congo – for AP in 1967. He is author of several books, including “A Goose in Toulouse and Other Culinary Adventures,” “The Secret Life of the Seine,” and “Who Stole the News?” He was city editor of the Wildcat in 1964.

Frank Sotomayor

An editor with the Los Angeles Times since 1970, Frank was part of the team that won the 1984 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for the series “Latinos in Southern California.” He has been in the vanguard to bring greater diversity to the nation’s newsrooms, and was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard from 1985-86. Editor in chief of the Wildcat in 1965-66, Frank served during the last year that the paper was linked to the journalism department. He is also a recipient of the Donald Still Award for service to the Wildcat.

Charles R. Waters, Jr.

Charlie is executive editor and senior vice president of the Fresno Bee and is a former executive editor of the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, assistant managing editor of the Reno Gazette-Journal and night/weekend editor of the St. Petersburg Times. A 1969 UA alum, Charlie was selected the keynote speaker for the Hall of Fame and Journalism Anniversary dinner.

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