James W. Johnson

Jim Johnson (’61) was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003.

James W. Johnson ’61

A member of the UA journalism faculty for more than 24 years, James W. Johnson influenced hundreds of Wildcat reporters and editors as a teacher and mentor before his retirement as a professor of journalism last spring. Johnson was also a longtime member of the Student Media (Publications) Board where he voted on the selection of many Wildcat editors in chief.

An 18-year veteran reporter and editor at the Oakland (Calif.) Tribune before joining the journalism department, Johnson kept his hand in the news business even while teaching. He worked summers as a copy editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Providence Journal, the Oregonian, the Arizona Republic and other papers. He also co-authored two books, “Mo: The Life and Times of Morris K. Udall” (with Donald Carson) and “One Step from the White House: The Rise and Fall of U.S. Senator William F. Knowland.” He also is the author of “Arizona Politicians: The Noble and the Notorious” (which is illustrated by fellow Hall of Fame member David Fitzsimmons).

Jim Johnson was both photo editor and sports editor of the Arizona Wildcat in the pre-daily days of the paper, and he was a student of Sherman R. Miller 3rd, also an inductee to the Hall of Fame.

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