George B. Morley II

George B. Morley II was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003.

George B. Morley II

George B. Morley’s 15 years as a professional staff member in the Daily Wildcat’s advertising department was his second career, but it was a career that made a significant difference in the lives of many Wildcat students.

Joining the staff in 1978, Morley had recently retired after a 28-year career with the U.S. Foreign Service. Posted to stations all around the world, Morley served in such geopolitical hotspots as Lebanon, Iran and Vietnam. In fact, he retired after his six-year tour in Vietnam and was on the last plane out during the fall of Saigon in 1975.

Morley brought polish and professionalism as a former member of the Foreign Service to the Wildcat, where he served as advertising manager until his retirement in 1993. He always wore a tie and jacket and set high standards for conduct and practice among his student staff. During these years, the Wildcat also became fully independent financially from the university and Morley’s sales staffs regularly began bringing in the $1 million plus required to sustain the Wildcat’s excellence.

Many former students remember George Morley as a mentor who influenced not just their time on the Wildcat but also the future direction of their careers and lives. He passed away in March 2003.

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