David Fitzsimmons

David Fitzsimmons (’77) was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003.

David Fitzsimmons ’77

The editorial cartoonist and public quick sketch artist known throughout Tucson simply as “Fitz” graced the pages of the Daily Wildcat with his humor and drawings in the 1970s. David Fitzsimmons has since become an award-winning editorial cartoonist at the Arizona Daily Star. A Pulitzer Prize finalist in 1988, Fitz has been judged by the Arizona Press Club to be the best political cartoonist in the state for the past three years in a row.

While continuing to draw a daily edit cartoon for the Star, Fitz has also developed a public speaking career, using topical humor and quick sketches to entertain audiences throughout Southern Arizona. In high demand for lectures, charity events, banquets and fundraisers, Fitz has entertained thousands of Tucsonans over the last 20 years with his quick wit and quick sketch shows. Part performer, part caricaturist, part satirist, part clown, and part teacher, he has become a Tucson icon with pen in hand. His presentations have been described as “Dennis Miller Meets Pictionary,” and Fitz has headlined at Laffs Comedy Club and opened for Mark Russell.

Fitz’ sideline as humorist has done nothing to dull his edge as political satirist. His editorial cartoons for the Daily Star continue to vex, amuse and provoke readers with their insightful take on news and culture.

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