Awards & Scholarships

Recognizing and retaining students is an important tool for maintaining the quality of the Daily Wildcat. Scholarships, awards for excellence, dedication and service help in this effort.


Chris Reinesch congratulates winner Margaux Theriault

The Christopher J. Reinesch Scholarship

This scholarship was funded in 2005 by Chris Reinesch, former Daily Wildcat advertising sales representative.

The Christopher J. Reinesch Scholarship is awarded each spring to a “UA junior or senior working at the Daily Wildcat who is in a pre-professional advertising, business, marketing or journalism academic program.” Applicants face a competitive process, which includes submitting an essay and resume, and an interview in front of a panel of judges. The winners have been sales account executives with the same dedication and ambition that Chris exhibited when he worked at the Wildcat:

2005  Margaux Theriault

2006  Jeffrey Gillingham

2007  Justin Rediger

2008  Harry C. Lex

2009   Kourtnei Briese

2010 Noel Palmer

If you’d like to fund a scholarship to support Daily Wildcat students, please
email Mark Woodhams or call him at 520-621-3408.

Annual Awards

The Clyde D. Lowery Award for Professionalism and Integrity in Journalism

This award was established in honor of the Wildcat’s first fulltime publications director and adviser. Lowery, who served form 1973-1989, and again in 1992, was mentor to hundreds of student journalists and editors, many of whom are now at the top of their careers in newsrooms throughout the world. During the “Clyde Years,” the Wildcat moved increasingly (and inevitably) toward organizational and financial independence and grew into the paper it is today, one of the largest and most successful college dailies.

Clyde Lowery with winner Brett Fera

View all winners of the Clyde D. Lowery award

The George B. Morley Award for Achievement in Advertising and Business

George Morley is another mentor whose work with students is long remembered and valued by alumni. George was the advertising supervisor from 1978 – 1993. Coming to the Wildcat after a career as a foreign service officer, George instilled high standards for professionalism and customer service in his advertising sales staff. During his tenure, the Wildcat topped the $1 million mark in revenue for the first time.

George Morley presents to Alissa Reinesch

View winners of the Morley Award

Daily Wildcat Alumni Award

These awards, established in 2002, are given to students on “behalf of the alumni of the Daily Wildcat to recognize general excellence and outstanding contributions” during their at the Wildcat. Candidates generally have worked at least 2 years on the paper.

View photos from past student award banquets.

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