Alumni Updates

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Eric Andreson’s Internet Funnies
Max Cannon’s Red Meat
David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star
Nancy Rifkin’s Vertigoing


Christine (Verges) Gacharna
Kate Gardiner
Jon Helgason
Mark Hundley
Cliff Jette
Eric Jukelevics
Randy Metcalf
Chris Richards
Will Seberger


Phil Matier, at SF Gate’s Matier & Ross
Jeff McMahon at TrueSlant
Will Seberger at When the Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro
Phil Villareal, at BecauseIToldYouSo
Bill Walsh, at BlogSlot


Brett Farmiloe, whose project gave rise to Pursue the Passion
Joshua Hagler, artist, at his gallery
Saul Loeb, photographer currently covering the White House for Agence France-Presse
Frank Nguyen, PhD,  designing and developing learning and performance solutions
Lynne Olson, author
Mort Rosenblum, “journalist, author, educator, and eater”

Twitter Feeds

Joe Altman, ’99, editor on the West Regional Desk of  The Associated Press
Frank Sotomayor
Paul Davenport, AP’s state government reporter for Arizona
Walt Nett, Lubbock Online

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