Terry Valeski

Terry Valeski was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011.

Lots of memorable moments.  When I took over a business manager for the Wildcat, we took it to becoming a “daily” for the first time- crazy.  I hired a bunch of my fraternity brothers (Sigma Chi) to sell space and some of them paid their way through the UofA with that.  Pat Alexander was publications director then working for Bumps Tribolet.  Her husband, Dick, was the entertainment editor for the Star.  So, as teens at the UofA, my wife and I got to meet and have dinner with all  the movie stars in town to make films- including Paul Newman when they made “Hombre”.

Terrence Valeski is Executive Chairman of the Board of Advent portfolio company, Aircom International. He was also on the board of Advent portfolio company MACH, a leading global provider of inter-operator billing services, and advises Advent on telecommunications sector investments. Terry is an Operating Partner for Advent International Private Equity.

He is currently Vice Chairman of T-Mobile in the Czech Republic and a Board Director of Ceske Radiokommunicaze, the Czech broadcast transmission business. Terry is an advisor to Ernst and Young M&A Group, London.

He has served on the Board of Intellisync (NASDAQ) and Sonim Technologies. Over the course of his operating career Terrence has launched and operated five different wireless operations in as many countries. Companies he has worked for include Eurotel Praha (as CEO); BT Wireless; Blu (BT Joint Venture Italy); Telfort (BT Joint Venture Holland); British Telecom; Pacific Bell Mobile Services (US); Atari Corporation-US (Consultant); Mattel Inc.; IN TV Corporation (US) and Teledyne Waterpik (US).  He began his career at J. Walter Thompson advertising as a senior VP.

Terry has remained active with his alma mater  as a member of the National Board of Advisors to the Dean of The Eller College, an Executive in Residence for Eller, a member of the Sigma Chi Alumni Association Executive Board, member of Sigma Chi Hall of Honor, and  Arizona Wildcat Hall of Honor.

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