Alumni Visit Newsroom

Former Wildcat editors in chief Joe Cole, Bob Crawford, Gordon Evans and Tom Dau stand with current EIC Colin Darland in the Wildcat newsroom.

A group of about 20 journalism alumni, many celebrating their 50th (or thereabouts) class reunion, dropped by the Wildcat newsroom on Homecoming day Oct. 23. These alums all worked on the Wildcat, the Desert yearbook or Kitty Kat humor magazine when they were in school. They toured the Wildcat offices and met with editor in chief Colin Darland, sports editor Tim Kosch and news editor Michelle Monroe.

Among the alumni who attended were Jon Alquist, Betsy Bolding, Joe and Marianne Cole, Bob and Jo Anne Crawford, Rosalie Robles Crow, Tom Dau, Gordon Evans, Vincent Flynn and Sydney Wade Flynn, Bob Goldfarb, Jan Harelson, Jim Johnson, Mary Alice Kellogg, Shirley Kirts Link, Dick Moe and Jim and Odetta Price.


2011 Hall of Fame inductees selected

Congratulations to the newest inductees to the Daily Wildcat Hall of Fame. You can read more about them here. Join us for the Daily Wildcat Alumni Hall of Fame and Young Alumni Awards dinner March 26th to celebrate!

  • Robert Crawford
  • Olaf Frandsen
  • Paul Giblin
  • Chris Halligan
  • Rod Howard
  • Mary Alice Kellogg
  • Morgan Loew
  • Sheila McNulty
  • Jay M. Parker
  • Todd Pletcher
  • Terry Valeski
  • Margo Warren
  • Merrill Windsor (deceased)