Wildcat Banquet Delivers Awards

About 100 Daily Wildcat staff turned out for the annual awards banquet Saturday, May 1, at Old Pueblo Grill in Tucson. Among the highlights:

Laura Donovan accepts the Clyde Lowery award from Mark Woodhams

The Clyde D. Lowery Award for Professionalism and Integrity was awarded to Laura Donovan,a creative writing senior from Scotts Valley, Calif. Laura has been both the opinions page editor and a news reporter (though not at the same time!) on the Wildcat.

The George B. Morley Award for Achievement in Advertising went to Noel Palmer, a junior business major from Phoenix. Noel is an account executive on the ad staff.

Noel Palmer also was awarded the Christopher R. Reinesch Enterprise Scholarship. This scholarship is provided by a former Wildcat advertising representative to recognize an especially enterprising student on our business and sales staff. Noel led the staff in sales in 2009-2010.

Noel Palmer accepts the Morley award

Daily Wildcat Alumni Awards, given on behalf of Wildcat alumni to graduating seniors who have made sustained contributions to the paper, went to:

Lance Madden, sports reporter, sports editor, editor in chief
Kyle Wade, sales manager, account executive
Alicia Sloan, classified advertising/customer service rep
Ken Wright, cartoonist and illustrator
Alan Walsh, photographer
Rodney Hass, page designer, photographer, reporter
Eleni Miachika, advertising account exec
Laura Donovan, opinions editor, reporter
Dalia Rihani, graphic designer

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